Dorchester Dog Walking & Boarding offers relationship-based care solutions for your urban dog. We create (and consistently revise) customized training and enrichment plans centered upon our core values of safety, communication, and joy.


Elle Marrone, owner

After more than three years working for downtown Boston’s leading dog walking and boarding company, in the summer of 2017, I realized a lifelong dream and established Dorchester Dog Walking & Boarding in my own backyard. I grew up around dogs and as a kid, proclaimed I’d be a veterinarian but ended up in New York City pursuing an academic career until I was called back home in 2014. Today I’m an artist (Artifacts Everyday), runner and dancer, but first and foremost, The Dorchester Dog Lady.

Favorite Dot Park: Savin Hill

Favorite meal after walking: A rich stew like Mondongo

Cole, Manager

Cole grew up in Holliston, MA and spent summers on the Cape. He fell in love with dogs growing up with his family where one dog became two and two quickly became five! He remembers that they were always waiting for him at the end of the driveway when he’d get home from school. Cole loves dog walking because it gives him a reason to be outside first thing in the morning. The ability to stay active and clear his mind along with the presence of dogs that he’s been able to create relationships with is unmatched!

Favorite Dot Park: Pope John Paul II

Favorite meal after walking: Tacos from Yellow Door Taqueria

Abbey, Teammate

Abbey grew up in the forests of western New England. She has loved animals as far back as she can remember. She grew up around a variety of animals and really can’t picture life without them! Abbey loves dog walking because it provides her the opportunity to spend time outdoors exploring neighborhoods with the best companions anyone could ask for (especially the pups in the DDW pack). She hates to be trapped inside and dog walking allows her to get out into the fresh air; ultimately, its her favorite self care practice.

Favorite Dot Park: Dog Island

Favorite meal after walking: Smoothie from Shea Butter (spring/summer); stews and a cup of tea or pizza from Locale (fall/winter)

Jawuana, Teammate

Jawuana grew up in Roxbury, MA. She fell in love with animals quite young and had all different kinds of pets growing up. Jawuana likes dog walking because it gives her the opportunity to bond with the pups. She gets to have the experience of having a dog (many dogs!) without owning one.

Favorite Dot Park: Garvey Park

Favorite meal after walking: Baked chicken, roasted potatoes, and salad

Cody, Teammate

Cody grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. He fell in love with dogs after his parents got him a Cocker Spaniel, Bailey, when he was 6 years old. Cody loves dog walking because he loves being outdoors, active, and around dogs so it’s basically putting the things he loves into a package deal!

Favorite Dot Park: Dog Island

Favorite meal after walking: Anything loaded with calories, especially pizza or a juicy burger, accompanied by a local craft beer, of course!

Brenna, Teammate

Brenna was born and raised in Franklin, MA with her parents, two siblings, dogs and guinea pigs. Her best friend was her family pup, Teddy, who made her fall in love with dogs. Volunteering for an animal shelter in college grew her love for all animals and led her to adopt her first kitty! Brenna loves dog walking because she gets to spend time with amazing pups while getting outside, exercising, and clearing her head; when she’s walking she’s relaxed and focused on the fur friends with her. And, as a pet owner, she knows how it feels to leave her pets in the hands of someone else and enjoys the feeling of reassuring clients that their pups are being well-loved and taken care.

Favorite Dot Park: Garvey Park

Favorite meal after walking: My food cravings change day-to-day but no matter the weather I will always enjoy treating myself to hot chocolate topped with fluff!

Jacob, Teammate

Jacob grew up in San Diego, CA. He first fell in love with dogs when he got his first dog, Taz, an Anatolian Shepherd. Jacob loves dog walking because it’s a great way to engage with the community and hang out with a bunch of cool dogs.

Favorite Dot Park: He still has more to see before he decides…

Favorite meal after walking: A nice burrito

Cassandra, Remote Administrator

Cassandra was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Boston when she was 14 years old with her adoptive parents. She fell in love with animals and particularly dogs when she was a toddler. As far back as she can remember, she’s always wanted a dog of her own and would often bring home stray dogs and cats. Cassandra loves working with dogs because just simply being around them makes her happy. Part of the joy in working with dogs is giving them a service that they could not give themselves.

Top Three Favorite Dot Parks: Dorchester Park, Neponset River Trail and Dog Island

Favorite Routine with her Dog, Zola: Daily evening walks when the city quiets down and less people are out and about, which in turn affords them time to slow down and tune into one another more deeply. They also enjoy cuddling together as a family when her husband gets home from work.